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Association Members have access to view our recorded Best Practice Webinars and Inspirational Presentations. The recorded presentations are available for Playback at anytime during their active memberships.

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Employee Resource Groups: Awards, Communities & Evolution
Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey interviews Fernando Serpa for the Resource Groups Podcast. Fernando explains how employee resource groups have developed from being social groups to an essential part of several successful businesses.
Dr. Jonathan Ashong-Lamptey & Fernando Serpa

Taking Your Training to the Next Level with PRISM's Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement and Innovation™
This conversation centers on how JPS Health Network utilized PRISM's training program Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement and Innovation™
Linda Stokes

Nydia Gonzalez

D&I Training - Is Your Organization ALL-IN?
See what researchers are saying about D&I training. Learn the myths as well as the methods to make it impactful and effective, with the power to change the culture in your organization.
Linda Stokes

How to Apply for the 2017 ERG & Council Honors Award™
Learn what's new for this year. Discover how your organization can be a competitive applicant for this prestigious recognition. Critical information highlighting eligibility, evaluation criteria, application content and aQ&A session will be featured.
Linda Stokes & Fernando Serpa

Transforming the Culture of Employee Resource Groups - Leveraging Diversity as a Business Driver
Learn how Coke's Asian BRG tapped into the backgrounds, skills, and relationships of their member base, to achieve business growth.
Linda Stokes & Sanjay Dua

I'm a New ERG/Council Leader - Help!
U.S. Bank will shares how their Top 25 BRG is structured, how they drive membership and communication and the challenges they faced as a startup BRG.
Michael Braswel & Robert Heidt, III

Reaching a remote workforce: How ERGs and Councils can create engagement anytime, anywhere
With employees in all 50 states-often in smaller offices of 20-50 people-Progressive Insurance has found creative and innovative ways to reach a largely dispersed employee population with its ERGs and Councils.
Marisa Afzali

Reaching Higher Levels of D&I Impact 24/7; A 2 for 1 for Healthcare Webinar
This unique webinar combines the efforts of 2 healthcare organizations into 1 webinar. It focuses on effective, impactful D&I training and discusses how your ERGs and Councils can reach higher levels of impact and effectiveness.
Andres Gonzalez
Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin

Nydia Gonzalez
JPS Health Network

Show Me the Impact Bolstering Corporate Goals through ERGs and Demonstrating Results
State Street's ERG leaders Lisa Brown and Jose Santarelli explain how the Flexible Work Employee Network (FWEN) supports corporate strategy and goals...and how they deliver measurable impact.
Lisa Brown & Jose Santerelli

Best Practices for Completing the 2016 ERG & Council Honors Award Application
This webinar facilitates your application process by providing knowledgeable insights and allowing you to become familiar with the application. Furthermore, we provide the latest thinking, insights, and best practices that will help you be successful in completing your application.
Fernando Serpa

The Elephant We Can't See
This webinar teaches how The Elephant We Can't See Workshop can play out in your Organization. Specifically you will be introduced to Author/Actor Michael Fosberg whose story through his one man play creates the foundation for the conversation.
Darrell Butler, Kelly A. Thayer & Michael Fosberg

Metrics Matter
This webinar will highlights the value of having metrics to assess your progress and provide objective data for action planning. This information enables participants to value the use of metrics and to provide some insights which will increase impact to their initiatives.
Philip Berry

How Faith Based ERGs Impact Business Results
Faith based groups can provide real benefits which can result in increased customer service and business success. This webinar will outline how American Airlines has increased their bottom line and business impact with these ERGs.
Irene del Corrall

Increasing Competent Health Care and Patient Services with Cultural Competency
Part 1 | Part 2
Tri-Health is making tremendous strides increasing competent health care utilizing specific cultural competency techniques. This webinar will demonstrate how customer service, patient care and improved service delivery move their bottom line results. This has application not only for healthcare organizations, but any institution that is seeking to improve customer service with cultural competency.
Lisette Davis

Increasing Your Impact Through Innovation
There is a direct connection between diversity and innovation. This webinar will outline how ERGs and Diversity Councils can leverage diversity to implement innovation. We will identify 3 practical techniques that can be used immediately to expand the ideation process resulting in more plentiful options and solutions. Participants will benefit by coming with a specific personal or professional problem that they would like to solve so they can practice the techniques.
Philip Berry

10 Leadership Principles that will Increase Your Leadership Footprint
As a distinguished leader in the diversity and inclusion arena, Ondra has developed 10 leadership principles that will inspire and motivate participants. This practical webinar will provide insight that is guaranteed to increase your capability to contribute back in your workplace. This will cover many of the items that he provided in a rousing keynote at the 2013 Diversity Council Conference in Washington, DC.
Ondra Berry

Addressing Cultural Competence and how it aligns with Unconscious Bias
Cultural competence emphasizes learning effective ways to operate in different cultural contexts and helps workplace colleagues foster better cooperation by minimizing the unintended negative consequences. We will explore what culture is and the assumptions made by different cultures about others. Furthermore, we will examine unconscious bias and its impact in communicating effectively. Additionally, we will examine how to improve culturally understanding by becoming more culturally competent.
Miguel Valenciano

The CVS Story - Leveraging Disability ERGs to Increase Business Impact
CVS Disability ERGs have provided leadership by leveraging initiatives that have increased customer service and increased business impact. David will review key initiatives and discuss how they did it; how they aligned their efforts to the business strategy and outline what must be accomplished to insure success. This will be a very practical session.
David L. Casey

How Diageo ERGs are Lifting Spirits by Increasing Market Impact
Diageo ERGs are perfectly positioned to drive market success. This webinar will outline their key success criteria and provide insight into methods that are working and winning in the marketplace. The alignment of these ERGs to this business is strategically positioned and executed with precision to build impact.
Dr. Danielle Robinson, PH.D

Sharpening Your 5 Leadership Impact Zones to Leverage Stakeholder Commitment
This webinar will outline 5 critical areas that ERG and Council leaders can focus on to increase their impact and increase key stakeholder involvement and commitment. Participants will come away from this session with specific actions that can be implemented immediately. The highlight of the session will be to underscore best practice principles.
Philip Berry

The 10 Commandments for Effective Councils & ERGs
General Ondra Berry presented an electrifying and inspirational Honors Award Keynote address at the 2013 Diversity Council Honors Award dinner ceremony October 2, 2013.
Ondra Berry