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Diversity Council & ERG Education Resources

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Welcome to the Education Resources section of Here you will find a variety of tools designed to help grow your skills and increase your diversity competence.

Education resources and tools in this learning center allow you the flexibility to work on programs and learn at your own pace and are designed to give individuals the insight and the tools to build their own and others’ inclusiveness. These programs are crafted to appeal to all learning styles, giving participants the opportunity to listen, observe, practice and reflect, which is shown to develop long term behavior change.

Hot Topic

"Outing Incivility in the Workplace"

The workplace was once a safe place - free from workplace violence and overt disrespectful behavior. As the workplace has become faster-paced, more technologically complex and culturally diverse it feels as though civility has gone out the window. As the political climate becomes increasingly volatile and social tools let colleagues...

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Inspirational Story

#MeToo and Changing the Culture of Power

As a survivor of incest and sexual abuse, I have spent a lifetime moving through the trauma and rediscovering my voice in the process. In acknowledging my experiences with the utmost compassion and honesty, I took baby steps toward regaining my power. I didn't do this by denying my past but by boldly claiming my messy life so that the pain of what happened....

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Video Library

Taking Your Training to the Next Level with PRISM's Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement and Innovation™

As an Association Member you have access to view our recorded Best Practice Webinars and Inspirational Presentations. The recorded presentations are available for Playback at anytime during your active membership.

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Answering Tough Questions

What do business leaders need to understand about diversity and inclusion?

The first thing is that the companies that do it most effectively don't have a separate program. The most successful companies have integrated diversity and inclusion into all aspects of their organization. Diversity becomes a lens for developing and advancing talent...

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Fast Facts

LGBT Federal and State Policy Landscape

  • There is no federal law barring employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • State laws vary widely:
    • In 28 states, you can get fired just for being lesbian, bisexual, or gay.
    • In 30 states, you can be fired for being transgender.

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Articles & White Papers

ERGs Are the Engine For Developing Leaders At Every Level of Your Company

by Joe Santana

The need for leaders today at all levels in organizations is continuing to grow as the business ecosystem becomes more complex and competitive. This increase in complexity and competitiveness is due in part to globalization...

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