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Diversity Council & ERG Education Resources

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Welcome to the Education Resources section of Here you will find a variety of tools designed to help grow your skills and increase your diversity competence.

Education resources and tools in this learning center allow you the flexibility to work on programs and learn at your own pace and are designed to give individuals the insight and the tools to build their own and others’ inclusiveness. These programs are crafted to appeal to all learning styles, giving participants the opportunity to listen, observe, practice and reflect, which is shown to develop long term behavior change.

Hot Topic

The Final Word on the Business Case

Time and time again, I am told by diversity directors and ERG and Council leaders that they are being asked for the "business case" for their groups by senior sUmembers of their organization.

For the past twenty years there have been countless articles, studies, surveys that have addressed this question...

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Inspirational Story

The Perfect Fit

Inspirational StoryAs an advocate of employee resource groups (or staff networks as I call them in the UK), I have attended many conferences but the one organised by the Association of Employee Resource Groups was different. The moment I walked into the conference space, I felt 'at home'...

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Video Library

Taking Your Training to the Next Level with PRISM's Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion for Engagement and Innovation™

As an Association Member you have access to view our recorded Best Practice Webinars and Inspirational Presentations. The recorded presentations are available for Playback at anytime during your active membership.

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Answering Tough Questions

Doesn't diversity work take time and resources from more important work like quality and customer service?

With a global marketplace, demands for quality and customer service come from an increasingly diverse customer base. Who better to respond to a diverse customer base than a diverse workforce?

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Fast Facts

Veterans - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported from the 2016 data:

  • The unemployment rate for male veterans overall was not statistically different from the rate for female veterans in 2016.
  • 60 percent were age 45...

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Articles & White Papers

The Need for ERG and Diversity Council Succession Planning: Where Do You Begin?

Fernando Serpa explains the importance of succession planning for ERGs & Diversity Councils.

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