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Diversity Council JumpStart™

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Establishing a new diversity council?

Restructuring an existing diversity council that has been dormant?

Diversity Council JumpStart™ is a one or two day diversity council training workshop designed to address fundamental start-up needs for newly established councils, and the "re-start needs for councils going through a restructuring process. By using a flexible curriculum this session takes into account workplace, workforce and marketplace realities, and aligns those realities with the realities of your culture and business. The workshops are business relevant, results focused and motivational.

Diversity Council JumpStart™ core curriculum is designed to help councils set a solid foundation for moving forward by enabling members to gain an understanding of diversity as a business strategy, and their role in the process. Through on-going Application and Action Planning participants leave with increased understandings of business motives for the diversity process; the benefits of diversity as a strategic approach to meeting workplace, workforce and marketplace goals; and the impact of organizational culture and behaviors on leveraging diversity.

“We appreciated the opportunity to select learning modules that were most relevant for our council. The Skills & Knowledge module was a great level-setter for the day. Every discussion presented linkages to other topics throughout the session. Thanks for providing value-added content to our diversity and inclusion goals through the delivery and best practice examples.”

-- Medtronic Diabetes

This highly interactive council workshop is built around five (5) essential components needed to create and maintain a strong foundation to ensure success

  • Situation - Conduct an analysis to discover gaps; discuss supports and barriers that might drive or derail the process.
  • Strategy - Develop strategies and tactics to close identified gaps; along with accountabilities and measures of success.
  • Structure - Create a structure to engage people and carry out the plan across the enterprise.
  • Skills & Knowledge - Strengthen diversity skills and knowledge to enable you to carry out the plan.
  • Sustainability - Understand and build foundational components needed to operationalize and sustain the process.


  • Councils receive additional knowledge, skills and tools to build new momentum and sustain success
  • Focus on the 5 S's for building a vibrant and successful diversity council
  • Gap analysis tools to discover gaps and develop gap-closing strategies and tactics
  • Creates an infrastructure to engage people and carryout the plan across the enterprise
  • Gains the understanding and ability to carryout the purpose of the council
  • Builds foundational components needed to operationalize and sustain the council
  • Engaging, fast paced, business focused instructional design
  • Facilitators with over 25 years of diversity and diversity council experience
  • Flexible curriculum based on Council's specific needs
  • 1 year membership with the Association of ERGs & Councils


  • Sharpens skills to build momentum and sustain success
  • Strengthens the impact, influence and effectiveness of councils and council members
  • Identify and close critical knowledge and skill gaps of councils and council members
  • Council learns to save time and resources by avoiding common start-up traps
  • Builds team effectiveness and cohesion to reach goals
  • Best practice options for creating a structure that supports strategies and the diversity process
  • Build confidence and competence in communicating the diversity process within the organization
  • Learn best practices to sustain the efforts

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