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Since 2005, the Association has provided hundreds of ERGs and Diversity Councils with resources and tools to assist them in starting up, staying motivated and reaching higher levels of effectiveness and performance.

The Association maintains a reputation as a leader and innovator in the field of ERGs and Diversity Councils by delivering cutting edge, evidence-based tools, resources and solutions for our members. Ultimately, we aim to deliver sustained positive change for your ERGs and Diversity Councils by building your group's effectiveness in delivering value to your organization around diversity & inclusion.

ERG Refocus

Overtime all ERGs need to sharpen and refocus their efforts to increase membership vitality and stay relevant to changing business needs. This one day intensive workshop will strengthen your ERG's impact for increased levels of effectiveness, performance and contribution.

Diversity Council Boot Camp

This is a 2-day intensive diversity council training workshop designed to strengthen the impact and increase the effectiveness of councils. The goal is to equip council members to leverage passion, knowledge and skills to achieve business results.

ERG Leadership Academy

This dynamic and interactive workshop provides ERG leaders with tools and competencies necessary to build and sustain momentum and success. ERG leaders leave with a solid foundation for moving forward by applying their newly acquired knowledge, skills and tools to their business situations through Action Planning and Goal Setting to ensure early wins and successes.

Diversity Council JumpStart

Establishing or restructuring a diversity council? This one or two day workshop addresses fundamental start-up needs for newly established councils, and the "re-start needs for councils going through a restructuring process. The customized curriculum considers workplace, workforce and marketplace realities, and aligns those realities with the realities of your culture and business.

ERG 10 Point Assessment

ERGs assess their performance against a standard of 10 factors in which best practice ERGs are performing well. More specifically, this unique assessment tool provides a comprehensive analysis utilizing 70 indicators of effectiveness within a 10 point framework.

Diversity Council 10 Point Checkup

Is your council struggling to survive or is it thriving as a focused, effective group of diversity champions? With the 10 Point Checkup, you can evaluate 10 critical focus areas that will point out strengths and weaknesses and allow you to set improvement goals and track progress.

Consulting Solutions Center

The Consulting Solutions Center (CSC) provides organizations with customized solutions which enhance effectiveness and increase organization performance.

Available to All ERGs & Councils.

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